Texas Energy Companies

One of the benefits of deregulation is that it makes Texas energy companies compete with each other, and the customer gets to profit from it. Coming up with a way to impress customers and to create a memorable concept is a challenge that they are meeting with offers that try to outdo the competition.

Comparing the Merits

Ambit Energy offers a program that it calls “Free Energy”, and it rewards customers for getting 15 or more of their friends to switch companies. Credits apply to customers’ energy bills as long as the referrals remain qualified customers, or the company writes a check for the earned amount. Ambit was founded in 2000, and Inc. magazine named the company “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Company” in 2010. TXU Energy offers a cash back loyalty reward program in addition to credits for referring customers who switch service providers. Through online tools and applications, customers can examine how energy is used in their homes and find how to lower bills by reducing consumption. The company claims a relationship with the Dallas Electric Lighting Company that served Texas as early as 1882. Austin Energy offers rebates on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. The company conducts a program of enhanced rebates and incentives as well as loans at low interest to make homes or businesses more comfortable and energy efficient. Centerpoint Energy offers incentives to commercial and industrial customers that retrofit buildings with energy efficient equipment. The offer extends to new construction projects when they exceed the minimum standards for energy efficiency. El Paso Electric offers a recycling program for freezers and refrigerators that provides free pickup and a payment of 30. The company is administering a solar energy program that provides incentives per watt used. Reliant Energy offers plans that are tailored to meet varying budget constraints, including monthly plans that allow customers to shop for providers without paying a penalty. The company provides a free home energy checkup that has a 100 value. The “Sweet Deal” program gives customers a free month of electricity at the end of a 12-month contract. Bounce Energy offers a rewards program that includes credits that are applied to customers’ energy bills, or customers may receive movie tickets and gift cards. The company claims to provide the fastest switch capability in the areas served as well as the ability to lower electric bills within seven days. A cash back incentive lets customers earn three percent by paying bills on time.

The incentives that are offered by competing providers give customers a chance to compare their merits and choose one that produce the greatest benefits. Find some Energy Company Rates in Harket Heights TX here.



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